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Key To Long Car Life: Multipoint Inspection

Most experts agree the keys to a long life are health and happiness. Likewise, the secret to vehicle health means doing the small things that keep it running in top condition.

Enter the humble multipoint inspection.

Explorer Kicked Off Six Decades of 'Wow!'

Photo courtesy of Space Center Houston

America rose to the challenge of a deadly adversary 60 years ago by launching a tiny satellite into orbit.

Explorer 1 lifted off from Cape Canaveral on Jan. 30, 1958, and you can drive to some of the most iconic Space Race locations.

Avoid Tire Accidents With Regular Rotation

One of the best things you can do for your car is also one of the easiest. Regularly rotating your tires can maximize the investment in your wheels.

Here’s why--and how often--you should make a point to regularly rotate your tires.

Tips On How To Face White Knuckle Driving

Severe winter weather can cause serious problems for drivers.

Here’s some handy advice for preparing your vehicle and staying alert while driving in harsh conditions this time of year.

Eliminating That Ugly Winter Road Grime

Nothing beats elbow grease if you want your car to look good all winter long, especially if you travel where snow and ice are a way of life.

Here’s what you need to know about winter car care, wherever you live.

How To Find The Right Tire Chains For Safety

From the Sierra to the Rockies to the Catskills, highway crews routinely check motorists at chain control stations. Drivers that don’t meet the requirements are sent back down the hill.

What are your choices for tire chains, and how did they become such a necessity?

Now You Really Can Take It All With You

You’ve set aside all of the items needed to make your weekend ski trip comfortable and fun. One problem: You have too much stuff to fit into the cabin along with your passengers and family dog.

What now? Enter the humble roof rack.

Stay Comfy All Winter With Climate Control System Inspection

How can you keep your passenger cabin comfortable when you can see steam coming off your breath?

Get your climate control system checked out and you’ll be comfy and cozy behind the wheel all winter long.

Snow Sculpture Event Draws Carving Artists To Annual Winterfest

Snow sculpting can be a simple as families building a snowman on their front lawn--like the Griswolds in Family Vacation.

Then there are those experts who compete in international competitions to see who can best blend art and science in innovative ways.

Watch for Battery Fatigue As Temps Drop During Winter

Your car has sat in the airport's frigid long-term parking lot for several days now. You approach, and the remote unlock doesn’t work and the interior lights won’t turn on.

How can you avoid inconvenient battery problems this holiday season?