Car Care

A Gob of Clay Takes That Gritty Feel Away

You’re cruising with the window down and left hand on the driver’s side door when it hits you: The paint feels like Braille.

Time for a clay bar, an item in the garage of every car collector, body shop and dealership because it’s so good at restoring that showroom feel.

Banish Bug Gunk From Paint, Windows

Drive through a swarm of bugs one hot summer night and it looks as if Jackson Pollock painted your vehicle.

Insect remains ruin vehicle surfaces and cause permanent damage if ignored.

Here's how to handle that pesky problem.

Tips For Turning Dull Wheels Bright Again

Take a close look at your wheels. Have they lost their luster? Are they still covered in winter road grime?

Time for a spring clean-up to bring them back to life.